VDH Solar, also for complete projects

VDH Solar can act as a total supplier of any services relating to complete solar energy systems. Whether your project involves the large-scale use of solar panels on buildings, or the development and building of solar parks, VDH Solar can fulfil the role of experienced building partner.

Years of experience in solar energy projects

VDH Solar has already acquired years of experience with the building of large installations, from drawing board engineering to the putting into operational service of the installation after assembly. It is also your ideal partner for project supervision alone, or to provide you and your employees with thorough specialist knowledge, or just to carry out the assembly work.

Which services does VDH Solar offer in the Netherlands and abroad?

  • Engineering of the solar panel installation.
  • Advising on the sizing of the most optimal PV installation.
  • Supplying the complete solar panel system, incl. guarantees.
  • Assembly of the complete PV system by reliable professionals.
  • Supervision of your solar energy project.
  • Guidance for your personnel when assembling the solar panel installation.
  • Organising workshops for your technical personnel.

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