Mounting systems

The return from solar panels is primarily dependent on the assembly system used. VDH Solar, a specialist in solar panel installations, therefore works closely with Van der Valk Solar Systems. Consequently, each system is optimally developed, with maximum quality, sustainability and user-friendliness. The result is systems which stand out in the field of sustainability and ease of assembly and which offer more as regards use and functionality.

The SolarTop calculation programme was developed in partnership with Van der Valk Solar Systems and TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. The programme uses a range of variables (geometry, maximum local wind forces according to local norms, the type of ground, etc.) to calculate all the factors that influence the trustworthiness and operational reliability of the system, for example the required strength of the construction, the optimal number of support points and the most economic foundation method.

All the systems we offer are accompanied by unique software for calculating and engineering the assembly system. You can use these straightforward and handy calculation tools to calculate the optimal system yourself.

High-quality solar panel systems

All the systems are made from high-quality, sustainable materials such as anodised aluminium, MagiZinc® steel and stainless steel. All materials are TÜV and CE certified and fulfil all Eurocodes and NEN standards. In order to guarantee the sustainability of our installations, all systems have been extensively tested with the so-called Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations (CFD). This involves exposing the installations in various simulations to airstreams and turbulence equivalent to force 12 on the Beaufort scale.

For each position, VDH Solar has a system that fits like a glove, no matter whether it is used on a flat or sloping roof, or in an empty field.

The partnership with Van der Valk Solar Systems means we always have very large stocks and can deliver quickly.

Solar panel systems with a modular structure
The modular structure of the assembly systems produced by Van der Valk Solar Systems means they can be fully tailored to your particular circumstances (available surface area, maximum roof load, etc.). The well-thought-out design, the use of light-weight materials and the pre-assembly of all essential parts also mean that systems and accompanying solar panels can be installed quickly and easily.

The importance of sustainability
If you invest, you want to be sure that the investment is for the long term. The investment will have an expected yield which you have to be able to trust implicitly. The Van der Valk Solar Systems assembly systems are manufactured using only sustainable materials such as anodised aluminium, galvanised and coated steel and stainless steel attachment components.

Suitable for any type of solar panel
Our solar panel installation systems are equipped with ingenious clamps enabling the fast and secure installation of both framed and frameless solar panels. The universal clamping system means the systems are suitable for any make of solar panel. You are therefore free to choose any solar panel supplier you like.

Rapid delivery
VDH Solar Systems can buy in exclusively from Van der Valk Solar Systems. Large projects can be delivered quickly thanks to the high production capacity and the large basic stock of starting materials.

Any angle of inclination you want
Van der Valk Solar Systems has a unique production machine for the tailor-made manufacture of aluminium support rods. As a result our assembly systems can be installed at any angle of inclination you desire.

Pitched roof system
Flatroof system
Fixed field system
Field tracker system
Greenhouse system

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