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VDH Solar BV is a total supplier for complete solar panel installations. VDH Solar has a broad range of solar panels, assembly systems for solar panels, converters and accessories such as monitoring and cabling. VDH Solar supplies to technical installation contractors, project developers, local authorities and professionals in the construction and real estate sector.

VDH Solar BV only supplies certified A brands which stand out as regards sustainability, reliability and user-friendliness. Our dealerships and exclusive purchasing channels enable us to deliver very quickly at very competitive prices. You may want to purchase a complete solar energy system or, perhaps, one of the (tailor-made) kits (solar panel packages) or just the assembly systems.


Model computes the solar panel installation

In addition to materials, VDH Solar offers all kinds of extras for tailor-made solar panel installations. Special VDH Solar tools make it easy for you to put together all the components required for an optimal system. These tools have been developed in collaboration with TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and Van der Valk Solar Systems. The straightforward computation models are also available to you and this means you can work out a system's dimensions with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Own showroom for solar panel installations

VDH Solar BV also has a showroom where almost all the possible solar panel systems are on display. You can therefore see with your own eyes how the systems and parts are assembled. End users are also more than welcome to visit our showroom to see for themselves what an installation looks like when finished.

Workshops & training courses

It is important for quality reasons that the system is installed correctly. VDH Solar therefore organises, on request, free training courses of workshops for your employees. Once they have been trained you can rest assured that your employees have all the necessary know-how . Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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VDH Solar zonnepanelen groothandel
VDH Solar zonnepanenelen showroom